State Rep Burgos Visits PCC

PA State Representative Danilo Burgos of the 197th District met with Greg Trainor and Kelsey Lee of the Philadelphia Community Corps (PCC) today. Attended by PCC Board Member, Jeff George, the purpose of today’s meeting was to discuss the benefits of having a resource like PCC’s retail store (Philly Reclaim) and the impact it has already made in our immediate neighborhood. The discussion also led to the discovery of several partnership opportunities that have not been explored yet.

One of the biggest challenges that PCC has faced is recognition. “Not many people know a resource like this exists,” says Trainor, “but we have provided hands-on deconstruction job training and OSHA-10 safety certification for around 50 individuals each year.”

Not only has the PCC business model proven to be self-sufficient, but the organization has created jobs. In fact, Philadelphia has gained many new jobs directly from Philadelphia Community Corps initiatives; most graduates were hired full-time as construction workers within their own neighborhood. PCC would like continue growing as Philadelphia’s only deconstruction job training program, but will need support from enthusiastic community leaders like Burgos. Philadelphia as a whole needs convincing, even though deconstruction and reuse is a thriving industry in major cities nationwide.

What’s next?

The Philadelphia Community Corps is gearing up for a crowd-funding campaign that will launch in the next few weeks in order to attract more attention by city officials. The tax deduction benefit through working with the PCC is long-term thinking by financially savvy residential and commercial property owners, but the creation of jobs is immediate. In order for the job training program to reach its fullest potential, the startup nonprofit will need financial support from city government.

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