Philly Reclaim Featured In Grid

Philly Reclaim featured In Grid magazine as a local business that is helping to reduce the waste in Philadelphia. Philly Reclaim is a company that takes construction and demolition debris and recycles it into usable products. The company was started by our founder Greg Trainor who saw a need for this type of service in the city. The company recycles construction and demolition debris mostly from our parent nonprofit Philidelphia Community Corps to help reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfills.

Deconstruction or green demolition is an environmentally-friendlier alternative to demolition. The process systematically dismantling a building is more labor-intensive than leveling it with an excavator or a wrecking ball, deconstruction promises job creation, Deconstruciton diverts building materials from the landfill and enables, through reuse, preservation of the embodied energy therein.

Visit Grid magazine and read the article to learn more.

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