New Membership Program Announced!

Our Philly Reclaim community is growing stronger every day. It’s amazing! Our salvage swap program has been incredibly popular and we don’t want to lose it. We want our supporters to keep trading architectural treasures so that you can get what you need, when you need it.

In order to ensure that our community always has this resource, we are shifting to a membership model which will allow us to invest in our growth. Growth to Philly Reclaim means better infrastructure, hiring more employees, and maintaining our inventory. But most importantly, we can each play a role in saving materials from the landfill and keep our history alive for generations to come. By strengthening the supply of reclaimed building materials, it will guarantee that our job trainees will continue to find meaningful work that is in demand at Philly Reclaim. This includes outreach to more job placement partners and expanding support services for our job trainees.

Everyone is always welcome to shop at Philly Reclaim regardless of membership, but membership will make a huge difference.

Learn more about the benefits of becoming a member, here. 

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  1. Clency Carr

    Happy New Year! Attempted to access your website for cost of membership bit was denied. Can you please send me the details for memirship. Thank in advance.


      Hi Clency! Sorry you are having trouble but thankful you would like to support us through membership. Our PayPal membership portal can be accessed by going to this webpage:
      If you are still having trouble, please give us a call at 267-687-7725 and ask to speak with Kelsey. She’ll walk you through it.

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