Board of Directors Recruitment

The Philadelphia Community Corps (PCC) is currently seeking to build and induct a Board of Directors to help guide the organization as it continues to grow. The Board will be instrumental in providing oversight and supporting the PCC as it carries out its mission. If you, or someone you know of, is interested in joining our Board of Directors, we encourage you to connect with us so we can discuss the opportunity further. 

You can reach us at

What does a Nonprofit Board of Directors do?

Ensures that the organization has the resources it needs to carry out its mission. The Board also sets policies and priorities, develops and oversees implementation of a strategic plan, monitors finances, and is ultimately accountable for the organization. The Board is the governance pillar of the organization, where-as Executive Directors focus on management and the Staff on implementation.

Additionally, board members: 

The Board’s Role in Fundraising

Because the PCC’s programs are so capital intensive, we need a fundraising Board. Each member is asked to give AND get an amount that they would personally consider significant over the course of their board term. There are several ways that members can fundraise, so they must find the role in which they are most comfortable and effective. 

The contribution is referred to as a “Give AND Get” because we want people to give what is a significant (by their own definition) contribution for them, AND then fundraise. This isn’t about getting the most money from each board member, but instead it is about securing the PCC’s future by building a donor base that can support the organization.

In other words, we need board members who are willing to say to their friends, “I just joined the board of a really exciting organization and made a contribution to support what they’re doing. I think after we talk about you’ll want to support them too.”

Current needs for PCC Board of Directors

Alternative: The Board of Advisors

We need startup capital, but you can’t put a price tag on the experience, wisdom, and skills of potential board members, so we also have a supplementary Board of Advisors. The Board of Advisors is for those who want to help guide the organization’s growth, but are unable to assist with personal contributions or fundraising efforts.