Trainees learn about preservation of Philadelphia’s rich architectural history, sustainable maintenance of building components, reclamation and up-cycling of architectural salvage, then offered for sale at affordable rates in our Philly Reclaim store.

Philadelphia Community Corps offers job training and career development opportunities to entry-level and re-entry job training for individuals facing barriers to employment.

Trainees are selected through qualified mission-based partnerships with organizations including YouthBuildYVRPPA CareerLinkPower Corpsthe Mural Arts Program and they undergo up to 900 on-site hours on Philly Reclaim sites, various skills assessments and written exams.

The Philadelphia Community Corps Training Program was developed using curriculum from the Building Materials Reuse Association (BMRA) and includes topics like Job-site Safety, Building Systems, Hazardous Materials, Tools for Deconstruction, Nonstructural Salvage, Full Deconstruction, and Materials Management.

Trainees who successfully complete the year-long program will be BMRA certified as Deconstruction Technicians.

Qualified trainees participate in Philly deconstruction projects preparing buildings for renovation or removal while salvaging items for reuse or recycling.


Our job trainees come to us through our partner organizations. Our partners provide the basis these young men and women need to be successful in our intensive deconstruction residency and certification. For more information about participating in any of their programs, please contact the organization directly by clicking on the logo below.
Power Corps