Please note the requirements for making donations – we do not have the fund to pay for hauling for materials we cannot use.

  • Monday – Friday: 9 AM to 5 PM
  • Saturday – Sunday: 10 AM to 6 PM

We receive donations on a daily basis (somedays more than others)

Yes we do offer pick-up services through REGO moving and delivery, a local pick-up service. pick-up fees are dependent on your distance from our location.

Please contact Josh, the founder of REGO moving and delivery, for details on fees for services:

[Name] Josh Mastromatto

Yes. Every time you make a donation to Philadelphia Community Corps you will be offered a tax receipt acknowledging the date that Goodwill received your donation. All of Philadelphia Community Corps' donation centers are staffed by company representatives who will assist you. It is also recommended that donors keep itemized lists of their donations as well.

The Internal Revenue Service allows a deduction for each item, but the donor determines each item’s value. Generally, an item’s value should be based on fair market value – what the item would sell for in a thrift store.

The Philadelphia Community Corps provides career training programs that empower underserved citizens to revitalize blighted neighborhoods by deconstructing vacant buildings and salvaging materials for reuse.